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  1. 'Abe

    When Shinzo Abe's family held a funeral service a week after the former prime minister's assassination in July, mourners crowded streets near the temple where it took place. But more than two months later, support in Japan for a larger public ceremony has significantly eroded. 

  2. 'Russia

    Russia has sought to defend its seven-month-old war in Ukraine, with Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov telling the United Nations that regions of Ukraine where widely criticized referendums are being held would get Russia's "full protection" if annexed by Moscow.

  3. 'APTOPIX Italy Elections' width='460' title='Far-Right party Brothers of Italy39;s leader Giorgia Meloni shows a placard reading in Italian Thank you Italy

    Far-right leader Giorgia Meloni's electoral alliance appeared to hold a wide lead in Italy's national note, an exit poll on state television suggested shortly after polls closed on Sunday evening.

  4. FPCOLRWarrant

    HP Sauce is just one of the late Queen Elizabeth's favourite brands — and they are among hundreds of products that hold royal warrants. Here's what happens to the branding advantage gained from her seal of approval now that Her Majesty has died.

  5. 'Ukrainian

    Russian forces launched new strikes on Ukrainian cities as Kremlin-orchestrated votes took place in occupied regions of Ukraine to create a pretext for their annexation by Moscow.

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