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  1. 'Abdullatif

    When word came over the weekend that Israel's closest ally, the United States, reportedly plans to hold members of an Israeli military battalion accountable for violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, rights groups saw it as progress.

  2. 'A

    Elon Musk lashed out at Australia's prime minister on Tuesday after a court ordered his social media company X to take down footage of an alleged terrorist attack in Sydney, and said the ruling meant any country could control "the entire internet."

  3. 'A

    It's the first image by the Princess of Wales the palace has distributed since news organizations withdrew a photo edited by Catherine over concerns about digital manipulation. 

  4. 'Persons

    Police arrested dozens of people at pro-Palestinian demonstrations at Yale University in Connecticut and New York University in Manhattan on Monday, as the war in Gaza continued to reverberate through U.S. university campuses.

  5. 'Two

    A review of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) has found it has "robust" frameworks to ensure compliance with humanitarian neutrality principles, though issues persist, in a report that could prompt some donors to review funding freezes.


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