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  1. 'Iran

    This weekend, news spread in reputable media outlets that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime had dismantled its controversial morality police. But these reports rested on a vague statement made by one Iranian official, one who in the same breath said his department is not responsible for the morality police.


    Indonesia's parliament passed a long-awaited and controversial revision of its penal code on Tuesday that criminalizes extramarital sex for citizens and visiting foreigners alike.

  3. 'Russia

    Ukraine said Russia had destroyed homes in the southeast and knocked out power in many areas with a new round of missile attacks as the West imposed a price cap on Russian seaborne oil to try to limit Moscow's ability to finance its invasion.


    Honduras has become the second country in Central America to impose a state of exception suspending some constitutional rights to deal with street gangs.


    Prince Harry said Britain's royal household regularly leak stories about each other, calling it "a dirty game" in a new trailer released on Monday for the much-anticipated Netflix documentary series about him and his wife Meghan.

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